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Facility and Shopping Center Maintenance - Paving Arts Corp of New York

Paving Arts Corp.
Serving the New York Metro Area
Call 1-888-PAVEMENT in the NY Tri-State Area
(from area codes 718, 212, 631, 516, 201, 973, 732)
- or toll free 1-888-440-5920 elsewhere

 Roads & Parking Lots: Paving | Patch & Pothole Repair | Striping | Sealcoating | Storm Drain Repair | Curbs, Ramps & Sidewalks

 Commercial Facility Maintenance: Parking Lot Sweeping | Snow Removal | Sidewalk Repair | Graffiti Removal | Power Washing 

Parking Lot Striping & Road Line Marking and Striping

The parking lot is the first experience new visitors to your business or facility will have. Here is the opportunity for you to create a great first impression! A well marked and neatly maintained parking lot creates appeal and can make all the difference in a visitors attitude before they enter your establishment. From the design and layout phase, to initial marking and final application, our road and parking lot striping services ensure a quality look and feel that will immediately portray a positive image of your business, shopping center or facility. 

To create long lasting bright and bold striping and lines, Paving Arts Corp. uses the highest quality latex traffic striping paint. Don't settle for anything less such as inferior oil based paints. Avoid oil paints as the sealer often bleeds through creating a difficult to see dingy looking stripe that will last for a shorter length of time. For parking lot striping, Paving Arts uses use a machine called a LineLazer which the most advanced pavement and asphalt striper that works perfectly in combination with our latex traffic paint. This machine provides a shaper and thicker line which provides a quality stripe and one of the longest lasting lines possible.

Our concrete and asphalt line striping services include:

  • *  Initial design and layout

  • * Standard and special lettering

  • * Fire and loading zone striping

  • * Logo work

  • * Special symbols

  • * Handicapped parking marking and striping

  • * Parking lines

  • * Directional symbols

  • * Much more

From small office building parking lots with six to ten parking spaces to shopping centers, malls  and municipal parking lots, no striping job is too big or too small. We have experience in line striping throughout the New York City and Tri-State area with:

  • * Hospital parking and driveways

  • * Big box retailer parking lots

  • * Shopping malls

  • * Strip malls

  • * Office buildings

  • * Municipal parking lots and roadways

  • * Fast food and bank drive-thrus and parking spaces

Contact us Today For a FREE Quote or Additional Information on your Road or Parking Lot Striping Project

For fast answers to your questions or for a FREE quote on your road or parking lot striping project Call Paving Arts Today at 1-888- PAVEMENT (if you are calling in the Tri-State Area codes of 718, 212, 631, 516, 908, 201, 973 & 732, or call 1-888-440-5920 from calls originating elsewhere). You can also fill out our online request form. We look forward to providing you with additional information regarding our services as it relates to your individual project. 



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On time service along with perfect scheduling and management that minimized disruption and traffic flow" - Alicia Reys, Brooklyn, NY
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